Heavy-Duty Plastic Compactor Bags (22 x 34 x 47″)

81.18 incl. VAT

We supply heavy-duty plastic compactor bags for general waste/trash compactors. There is no risk of the bag splitting during compacting or when it reaches a certain weight, as the heavy gauge means there is a low risk of breakage on the bag itself. Our GE100 clear plastic bags are sturdy, tough & require no handles.

Our heavy-duty plastic compactor bags are compatible with the Miltek XPRESS100. To purchase an XPRESS100, please click here. To learn more about our website, please visit the About Us page. PLEASE NOTE: VAT & postage are included in the price shown.

Brand NameGE100
Compactible with:Miltek XPRESS100
Dimensions (inches)22 x 34 x 47"
Rolls Per Box10
Bag Liners per roll100

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