Banding & Bags

What is banding?

Banding is polyester strapping which is used during the baling process to hold the materials together. A strong but more gentle alternative to steel strapping.


How is it used?

This strapping is suitable for balers/refuse compressors. The strapping is typically used without buckles and instead sealed by the baler/refuse compactors.


So what do we offer?

We offer 13mm wide hotmelt polyester banding with a tensile strength of 350 kg.


What is baling wire?

Baling wire is a type of wire that is used to strap recycling material together.


How is it used?

To bind bales made of heavy recyclable materials. The steel wiring means your bales will have a more secure and tightly binding.


So what do we offer?

We offer cut & loop bale wire and more wire products which will be added to your online store soon.


What are compactor bags?

Compactor bags are heavy-duty plastic bags used for compacting your waste.


How is it used?

It is used for trash compactors. The thick gauge will guarantee no breakage during compacting compared to traditional plastic bags. Our own range of compactor bags are compatible with the Miltek XPRESS100 and XPRESS200.


So what do we offer?

We offer our own brand of GE100 & GE200 Clear Compactor Bags which are compatible with the Mil-tek XPRESS100 and XPRESS200 Waste Compactors.