Banding & Bags

Polyester Bale Strapping/Banding

Polyester strapping (also known as banding) is a type of strap used to fasten

& hold bales of recyclable materials together once the baling

process is complete.

This material is the ideal choice for those seeking a strong but

lighter alternative to steel strapping.

Our hotmelt strapping is weather-proof and has a high tensile strength

of 350kg. This means it can handle large, heavy bales without breaking apart.

Plastic Compactor Bags

Compactor bags are heavy-duty plastic bags used for general

waste/trash compactors.

The thick gauge guarantees that your bag will not split

open during compacting.

This would be the ideal choice for your compactor compared

to using a traditional plastic bag.

Our own range of compactor bags is compatible with

the Miltek XPRESS100 and XPRESS200.